How to Sell Google Ads

Dan Burykin
38 min readMay 12, 2022
Complete Guide to Getting Google Ads Clients

1. 1 Why Google Ads: Ads vs. Organic

Below, I’ve listed out some key differences between organic and paid traffic methods. These are important to understand as these may come up in client conversations.

Each one of these differences can be seen as a potential value proposition for a prospect who is only investing in organic traffic.

Speed of Results

The biggest difference between driving organic vs. paid traffic is in the speed of results.

As you may already know, building a business through organic channels (SEO, YouTube, Instagram, Forums, etc.) can take a long time and a lot of effort. It can take months to even years for the fruit of your efforts to start kicking in.

This time-frame can create a lot of tension with new clients making organic services (generally) more difficult to sell and requiring more customer support throughout the process.

However, paid traffic bypasses this dilemma with near-instantaneous results; I’ve launched campaigns, and within hours the clients had their first customers.

The instantaneous nature of paid advertising is a HUGE selling point for a lot of businesses BUT can attract businesses with short-term mindsets. Although advertising is a fast route to leads, it isn’t a game for short-term thinkers, and we’ll talk about that later in this guide book.

Hyper-Targeted Traffic

There’s also a level of precision that comes with ads as compared to organic traffic.

With Google Ads, in particular, you can drive traffic based on keyword searches. You can choose exactly what words must exist in the user’s search for your ad to show. Further, you have full control over how much budget to allocate to certain queries (if any). It allows you to hyper-target only the most highly profitable keyword searches for your client’s businesses.

Whereas with SEO, you can definitely target particular keywords, but your level of precision is limited. Just check the search console reports, and you’ll see a wide variety of relevant and non-relevant search traffic to your website.